Hi, I’m Tamara, the owner and main photographer behind Silver Thumb Photo. This is my heart’s work.

Every wedding/event/person has their own unique beauty and magic, I try to reflect that in a way that is authentic and timeless. A photojournalist at heart, I love catching organic moments as they unfold naturally. I see being behind the camera as an opportunity to document moments that will be cherished for generations.

I strive to capture the essence of a person’s personality in their photos, my goal is for my clients to be madly in love with their images but also to feel like they truly represent them.

I love that each shoot brings new possibilities, I would be thrilled to meet you and hear about yours.

a little more about me as a person ::

I’ve been given this gift of making a career out of something that I love and I am thankful. This is my 12th year of photographing the most important day of people’s lives.

I gave the business it’s name because like some people have green thumbs, I have a silver one. In a darkroom, developing black and white prints, is where I fell in love with photography. (a little technical back story: photo paper and film are made with silver halide crystals hence the silver in silver thumb) All of my professional work is now digital but I appreciate the timeless beauty film captures and strive to emulate that in my work.

My daughter and husband are my first loves but our little tribe also includes two cats and a chihuahua. I really love good local farm-to-table food and am passionate about supporting local small farms, I love the city we chose to put our home and work roots down into (Ypsilanti, MI), being surrounded with green/all things nature.



Graceful. Authentic. Heartfelt. These are the words that come to me when I think about my work and process. I try to highlight the heartfelt, the laughter, tears, and love that you and your guests will be feeling without my heavy involvement. When possible, I limit the number of posed and staged photographs. In the moments where direction is needed, I look for the perfect light and try to capture authentic expressions and personality. I believe that a genuine connection is incredibly important in the process of document your relationship/day. LGBTQ couples are always welcome.